Resources Referenced in the Book

The links below correspond to links referenced throughout the book. See book for details.

Chapter 2: The Truth in Lending Act & Regulation Z

Chapter 3: The Consumer Leasing Act & Regulation M

Chapter 4: The Equal Credit Opportunity Act & Regulation B

Chapter 5: The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Chapter 6: Federal Trade Commission: The Used Car Rule

Chapter 7: Federal Trade Commission Credit Rules: The "Holder" Rule & The Credit Practices Rule

Chapter 8: Federal Advertising Rules

Chapter 9: The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Chapter 10: The Federal Odometer Law

Chapter 11: The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act & FTC Privacy Regulations: Privacy Notices & Safeguards Rule

Chapter 12: The USA PATRIOT Act & OFAC Requirements

Chapter 13: The IRS Form 8300 Cash Reporting Rule

Chapter 14: Federal Do-Not-Call Rules: FTC Telemarketing Regulation & FCC Regulation of Telephone Calls & Rule Restricting Calls to Cell Phones

Chapter 15: Federal Communications Commission: The Do-Not-Fax Rule

Chapter 16: Federal Trade Commission: The Do-Not-Email Rule